Personalized Customization Service

Rapid Prototyping & Volume Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing done the right way – every single time! Our rapid prototyping and precision CNC machining services ensure that your designs and ideas are actualized in the real world in just a few days. You will have the opportunity to physically review the design and functionality of your product before it is send off for mass production. The expert team at Gold Harvest will also help you with every step of product development, from optimizing your design to helping you find the most efficient path for your rapid prototyping needs. With our manufacturing knowledge, state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technology and endless array of materials, there’s nothing you can’t create with Golden Harvest Precision by your side.
About Us
Golden Harvest Precision. was found on 12th Sep. 2005, 10500 square meter plant and about120 employees, focus on mass production and processing of all kinds of precision metal parts. is world-class ISO9001, ISO13485, certified contractmanufacturer
We constantly introduced a variety of high-precision equipment, advanced technologies and management concepts. Currently, we have more than 100 sets of automatic production devices, including maining processing equipment like imported five-axis machining centers, four-axis machining centers , three-axis machining centers, compound CNC lathes,
We offer a broad array of manufacturing services to aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor and electronic OEMs in North America, Europe and Asia.
We provide OEM manufacturing of rapid prototyping and production.