Reasons to use Vacuum Casting

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Reasons to use Vacuum Casting

1. Quality

Vacuum casting technology is capable of reproducing parts that are similar to injection moulded parts but the quality is fully dependent on the quality of the master part you are using to do the mould.

2. Material choice

The casting can be done using a various selection of polymer resins. This means that your vacuum cast prototype can have similar aesthetic and mechanical properties to mass production components made.

3. Testing

Vacuum casting can produce parts with a very high accuracy, it is possible to create prototypes that are very similar to the final parts (mass production) because the prototypes are ok for functional testing and validation, as well as assembly fit testing. Vacuum casting is a very important parts of rapid prototyping process as the parts can be used for pre-series production for mechanical and aesthetic validation, as well as certifications and customer trials.

4. Time

Vacuum casting can save you valuable time and help to speed along the product development process. Much quicker than conventional moulding processes, it may take 1 week to complete the vacuum casting process whereas conventional mould process will take from 6 to 10 weeks.

5. Cost

Vacuum casting is also an economic way to produce high-quality prototypes or small-batch pre-series parts. Once the master part has been produced, the main costs associated with vacuum casting are related to the resin material used and manpower. Moreover, vacuum casting is very interesting because several parts can be produced using a single mould. Usually, it is possible to achieve from 10 to 25 prototypes (depending on the complexity of the parts)

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