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  • Plastic Machining
    Plastic MachiningMany plastics are suited to CNC machining, and machined plastic parts can be superior to their molded or printed counterparts. At Leshine, we can machine parts from high-quality materials like POM, PEI and PEEK.Machining is often the best choice for high-quality plastic prototypes w
  • Sheet Metal Prototyping Fabrication
    Sheet metal prototyping services offer a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects. Services including bending, punching, cutting standard gauge metal for both prototypes and low volume production runs. Sheet metal fabrication produces durable, end-use metal parts with a wide selection of m
  • Aluminium mold tooling in rapid prototyping
    Aluminum Mold ToolingAn ideal choice for prototyping, aluminum mold tooling provides a cost-effective way to produce molded parts. Since they are easy to cut, aluminum molds can reduce tooling costs by 15–25% compared to other mold materials and reduce cycle times by up to 40%. This translates to a
  • Rapid tooling
    Rapid tooling, sometimes known as prototype tooling or bridge tooling, is a fast and cost-efficient way to carry out low-volume injection molding for a variety of plastic parts. Once the aluminum or steel mold has been created with the rapid tooling process, it can be utilized as part of a molding p
  • Reasons to use Vacuum Casting
    1. QualityVacuum casting technology is capable of reproducing parts that are similar to injection moulded parts but the quality is fully dependent on the quality of the master part you are using to do the mould. 2. Material choiceThe casting can be done using a various selection of polymer resins. T
  • What is vacuum casting in rapid prototyping ?
    In rapid prototyping, vacuum casting is an important technology to complement processes, like CNC machining and 3D printing. It allows to produce small series of identical prototypes.Process of vacuum casting:First of all, a master part is made by CNC machining, to have better accuracy and better gr
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